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King Zachariah or Zechariah (Hebrew: זכריה, Zeḵaryāh; "Name means::Remembered by YHWH") (r. 773-772 BC according to Ussher,[1][2] or r. 753 according to Thiele[3]) was the fourteenth king of the Kingdom of Israel and the last of the House of Jehu. He reigned for six months only and died from an act of murder.


descendant of::Nimshi
descendant of::Jehu
descendant of::Jehoahaz
son of::Jeroboam II


Zachariah was the next king after his father Jeroboam II. However, Ussher states that at the end of Jeroboam's reign, the kingdom had fallen into civil disorder, so that a twelve-year interregnum intervened between Jeroboam's death and Zachariah's succession. (Jones states that this interregnum actually ran for eleven years, to preserve the stated synchrony with the reign of Uzziah of Judah.[2]) Thiele assumed that no interregnum took place and, furthermore, that Jeroboam II's viceroyalty with his father Joash ran concurrently with his reign. He then assumed that Uzziah's own reign began as a viceroyalty with his father Amaziah.

Both Ussher and Thiele agree with the Bible, which states that Zachariah came to the throne in the 38th year of the reign of Uzziah.2_Kings 15:8

Reign and Murder

Died: Died:: 1 Abib 3232 AM
InterregnumTitle last held bysuccessor of::Jeroboam II King of Ruler of::Kingdom of Israel
Accession::1 Ethanim 3232 AMDied::1 Abib 3232 AM
Succeeded by
Succeeded by::Shallum

Zachariah reigned only six months, and then Shallum, whose tribal affiliation the Bible never specifies, killed him in public and took over his kingdom. Thus came the end of the House of Jehu, four generations after Jehu had reigned and died, exactly as the prophet Elisha had predicted.2_Kings 15:9-12

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