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Zabdi (Hebrew: זבדי, Zaḇdī; "Name means::endowment") or Zimri (Hebrew: זמרי, Zimrī; "Name means::musical") (b. ca. Born::2354 AM) was the first named son of Zerah and a minor clan leader in the tribe of Judah. The Bible mentions him primarily in the genealogy of his grandson Achan, who caused trouble for the nation of Israel in the Ai campaign and was executed for it.


grandson of::Judah
grandson of::Tamar
son of::Zerah
brother of::Ethan
brother of::Heman
brother of::Calcol
brother of::Dara
father of::Carmi
grandfather of::Achan

Date of Birth

The Bible says nothing of the date of Zabdi's birth. His father Zerah was born in 2283 AM ({{#show:Zerah|?Born}}), and Achan must have been born in 2295 AM or later. (If he survived to enter the Promised Land, then he was not an adult in the year following the Exodus of Israel, {{#show:Exodus of Israel|?Date}}.) Therefore three generations between Zerah and Achan span 212 years. Thus Zerah, Zabdi, Carmi, and Achan were born about 71 years apart.

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