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William Curtis

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William Curtis III was born in the year 1930 in Buffalo, New York. He worked on many aircraft and started the Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research. Dr. William Curis III died in November 10, 2011 in Landcaster General Hospital in Landcaster, Pennsylvania[1].


After high school, William Curtis went to the University of Utah using a Navy scholarship. He graduated there in 1954 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mechanical/Aeronautic engineering. Dr. Curtis later continued his higher edcuation at Southern Methodist University to obtain his Masters of Science, majoring in Aeronautic and Nuclear physics in 1963. After changing his career from that of a aerodynimic engineer to working in colleges in multiple postions, William Curtis got a Masters in Theology majoring in Greek and Hebrew at Capital Bible Seminary in 1976. Later, in 1988, he got his Doctorate in theology majoring in special revelation[1].

Work History

In his career, Dr. Curtis worked as a aerodynamic engineer for over twenty years in two aerodynamic engineering firms. He worked at Convair/General Dynamic from 1954 to 1967. While working there, he calculated performance prediction and did the performance analysis for the B-58. He also planned the flight test and the evaluation for the B-58, and the F-111. Dr. Curtis did the analysis of the performance and helped prepare the proposal for the B-58B, C, and D; Arial Tanker; SSR; ROBO; Nuclear Aircraft; and the SS Overflight Aircraft. The last one was built by Lockheed, but named the SR-77. On the ROBO and Dyna Soar orbital spacecraft, Dr. Curtis calculated the fight and performance dynamics. William Curtis had experience in planning and analyzing wind tunnel tests for pressure, force, aeroelastic, and powered models for various applications. While working in this position, he developed the aerodynamic theory and calculated estimations for the lift, drag, and stability characteristics of the B-58, B-57f, CV990, SR-71, FX, VFAX, F-111, supersonic transports, hypersonic tranports, varible sweep wings, and laminar flow control[2].

Once he left Convair/General Dynamic, he was hired by Fairchild Industries. At this job, Dr. Curtis worked with testing the twin jet FH-228. He did aerodynamic oversight and support for a crash investigation for the FH-227. William Curtis worked on the evaluation and defining the the classifications for the new aricraft which include short takeoff and landing aircraft (STOL), vertical take off and landing (VSTOL) aircraft, and carrier onboard delivery (COD) aircraft. Dr. Curtis was also the leader of the design team for hte A-10[2].

While working for Fairchild Industries, he became a member of the Corporate Engineering Advisory council. This council advises people in commercial and millitary aircraft. They also check projects in other fields, such as space craft, aero seats, and small gas turbines. Dr. Curtis also joined Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Committees. This committee advises the Federall Aviation Administation on subject that include STOL aircraft, requirements for airworthiness, wet runway target opportunity, landing requirements, aircraft noise regulation, and aircraft safety. He later became a member of the American Instatute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) for aircraft design comissioning[2].

Once he left Fairchild Industries, William Curtis worked at the Washington Bible college. There he worked as a teacher for mathmatics, science, and theology for nine years. Dr. Curtis then became a professor and a chairman on the board for the natural science department. He also became the dirctor of admitions for eight years. In 1982, Dr. Curtis became the pastor of Cumberland Bible Church. He founded the Institute for Scientific and Biblical Research (ISBR) with the help of his wife Beverly Curtis.[2]. The ISBR is a group of creationist scientists based in Pennsyvania. They organize creation forums once a month. They offer speakers to talk at churches and other public events with presentations for all ages[3]. Dr. William Curtis III stayed the president of ISBR until his death on November 10, 2011[1].



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