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Walter Veith

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Walter Julius Veith (*1949) studied zoology at the University of Stellenbosch and obtained his doctorate from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He is an author, speaker, and scientist known for his research in the areas of evolution/creation, health and diet, and Bible prophecy. His international ministry, known as Amazing Discoveries, has affiliates in Canada, the USA, and Germany.

His primary field of interest is nutritional physiology and his research concentrates on the effect of modern animal husbandry on the incidence of disease transferral to man, as well as degenerative diseases caused by incorrect nutrition and particularly diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer. But he is also concerned about the impact of the use of antibiotics in producing a new breed of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which are causing food poisoning epidemics around the world. He was honored with the Royal Society London Grant for (RDP) the Reconstruction and Development Program to establish a research climate in post-apartheid South Africa.

He lectures internationally on several topics, has undertaken extensive tours to Europe, Africa and North America, and has written a number of books on the above topics. One of his most thought-provoking religious lecture series is called "Total Onslaught", in which he uses the books of Daniel and Revelation as a springboard to get into the details of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan and how this is related to current events. His lecture series on evolution vs creation is called "Genesis Conflict", and his lecture on health is called "Life at its best".

Walter Veith

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