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You've claimed this picture as public domain, but give no explanation or link to a statement on their site where that claim can be verified.

Please advise.

File:Common hatchetfish.jpg

Check this out...

Mr. Ashcraft


I deleted several of the images from your jellyfish page that were copyrighted. One was stamped with a large copyright notice right on the image. I'm puzzled as to how you missed it.

Remember to use Flickr images, they must be labeled with the Creative Commons "Some rights reserved" tag. Link to the Creative Commons License in the Copyright Status portion of the image upload form.

Mr. Ashcraft



Note that the true hawks are specifically identified as a group of 5 genera that belong to the Subfamily Accipitrinae. However, in North America we loosely refer to the buteos as hawks also, such as the Red-tailed Hawk or Red-shouldered Hawk. The picture you uploaded is not in the subfamily that you were assigned - its a red-tailed hawk.

I just wanted to give you the heads-up on this, so it didnt cause you any trouble. You'll have to be very careful to use pictures that you have accurately identified as belonging to one of the genera in Accipitrinae. That may be difficult. The most likely to be found at sites such as or are the Goshawks, Sparrowhawks and Cooper's Hawk, which all both belong to the genus Accipiter. Familiarize yourself with the common names of those in Accipitrinae and do some specific searches.

Here's a couple to help... One on flickr (Cooper's Hawk)

--Mr. Ashcraft 22:56, 10 February 2007 (EST)