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Hello. My name is Jacob Zerger and I am a young college student living temporarily in the U.K. I was raised in a Christian home and committed my life to the Lord at around 12 years of age. I have been homeschooled for all of my primary and high school education. Before moving to the U.K., I attended Crosswinds Community Church in Derby, Kansas and was actively involved in the church’s worship team and youth group. I have also served on several missions trips to both Mexico and Peru and am currently pursuing missions as a possible career with the Lord’s leading. In 2008 I attended Summit Ministries located in Manitou Springs, Colorado and participated in an Aviation Summer Camp run by the Mission Aviation Training Academy (MATA) which is based out of Arlington, Washington. I enjoy studying about many subjects including Astronomy, and I am excited at the many discoveries being made in support of a Biblical creation.

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