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Thomas W. Rogers is president of Reality Research and Development Inc. and The Atomic Biology Institute. His background is in engineering, research, construction, and manufacturing, and he earned awards in biology, chemistry, and physics. Over the last three decades he has led the development of a new life-science to study the enormous Super-intelligent physical works with atoms that takes place at every cell-construction site. This new science has been named, "Atomic Biology". "Super-intelligence" means far greater intelligence than that of mankind. He is co-author and speaker for "Darwin's Replacement -- Bringing the God of Our Nations Back to Our Students with a New Basic Science". The book provides evidence with the help of 43 other scholars regarding the essentiality of a Super-Intelligent force for constructing cell-parts, cells, and entities, including humans. The majority of citizens and the Governments of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, call this force, "GOD". This rules out 'evolution' as the cause of life as, by definition, evolution has no intelligence to use. The book points out in an additional four chapters, the many ways this force is highly recognized by the Governments of those four nations, i.e. in Declarations, Pledges, Currencies, Constitutions, War Memorials, etc. Rogers points out that this gives all students in these nations, the inalienable right to be taught Why God is Highly Recognized by Their Governments, especially now with scientific reasons. Atomic Biology will be instrumental in providing improvements in health, nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture, and medicine. In may also be used in strengthening faith with science and protecting the belief of young Christians in public high schools, colleges, and universities where "Evolution" is the only 'cause-of-life' allowed to be taught.

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