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I am almost 33 and currently going to college for computer technology. I was raised by Christian parents with 3 sisters and still remember being dragged to church in my early teenage years. I accepted Christ at age 4 or 5 after Sunday School one Sunday afternoon. Although I had every advantage and Godly upbringing by my parents, I eventually rejected Christ's teachings and left the Church around age 16.

Living an apostate existence, I turned to drugs and sexual immorality. I began to believe the garbage I was fed by the world and eventually was convinced that I was bisexual and born that way. My parents and sisters never gave up on me.

After several chemical dependency treatments and a few legal troubles, I am back on the right track and finishing the college I should have long ago.

I have returned as the prodigal son to not only my parents but my heavenly Father as well. My eyes are wide open for the first time in a very long time and I see the many ways I was deceived by others and myself. The lies that are perpetually told via social media, society, and major news outlets have now taken hold in a way that never existed before. I know we are living in times prophesied thousands of years ago and I am thirsty for scientific knowledge that will equip me to better correct the folly of those that believe Christians reject science in favor of religious dogma.

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