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I was born in Texas, went to public schools there. A science teacher in the 9th grade made a huge impact on me when he said "There are things that are written in this text book that I do not believe, but I have to teach it any way." That allowed me to understand that some things written can be challenged as not being factual. I knew God created this world, because I knew he was pursuing me because he loved me, although it would be about 4 years later when I accepted that love personally. I later found that there is a LOT of fraud in the science textbooks children are forced to read: Haeckel's drawings[1] and his now debunked recapitulation theory (although it is still being espoused today Ken Miller and Joe Levine [2] and makes suspect anything else they are writing) The distances of other universes and the speed of light and radiometric dating (the fact that it gives such vast differences in ages and all but the one they want is thrown out). There is only ONE book of truth and that is the one I go to when opinions differ on science. The Bible IS God's word, and can be trusted. Man made science is not always accurate. In 1975 if we would have listened to scientists, we would have spread carbon over the poles to warm up the planet, now they are saying we should build cloud generating ships to cool it off, yesterday morning Aug 9th 2009 here in New London Wisconsin it was 65 degrees, much cooler than the norm in this year that has been called "The year of the lost summer". Climatologists stated there would be many named storms in the Atlantic, it has been relatively quiet (I can't even find a list of named storms for this season.) With all of the above in mind, it seems we need to get the truth out. This website seems to be a good one, and I would like to help out when I see grammatical errors, I want this to be better than the political Wikipedia!

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