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Education-wise, I've had some advanced Physics and Mathematics in college and studied Engineering for a few years (calculus, mechanics, matrices). I was always an honors student, and studied film as well. I have no degree, being disgruntled with what the world had to offer after graduation (and later, identifying heavily with Ecclesiastes), and so I consider myself a layman familiar in a basic way with advanced concepts in science. For instance, I can easily understand the basics of String Theory and how it relates to free will and the storehouses of Heaven, and in my opinion makes Calvinism and Arminianism mute points. I suspect my untested IQ is 140 - 160, but also know that intelligence is simply a tool God gives to aid the Body of Christ. We are fortunate that smarts are not required to enter into eternity, but instead the acceptance of Christ, who is given to all men (humans). Humanists, on the other hand, require intelligence as a mark of high standing in their religion. I know their dialog and agenda well, and continue to study it today, keeping wise as those serpents and striving to be innocent as a dove.

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in 1997. Disgruntled back then, I had some questions about the design of the planet, thinking it far from ideal (and with as much respect as I could have back then, that I could design it better), and so voicing my opinions about it. God's reply was "What makes you think I didn't design it [ideally]?" He led me to Creation Science, and there was the world I had envisioned -- the Pre-Flood earth, and more particularly, the earth before the Fall.

In 2001, circumstances allowed me to daily study the Word for long periods of time. This went on for 3 years, and was rooted in a visual context, which gave new meaning to Biblical themes. At the time, I was writing an allegorical screenplay, and focused on themes which could be represented visually, whose origins began in Genesis and concluded in Revelation.

Today, I have a theory about the Creation account which has not yet been considered by Creation Scientists. I believe that it will open up opportunities in many branches of science, including new technology like teleportation. As I am not a trained astrophysicist, my hope is that experts in the field can examine my theory and help bring it to fruition.

Vocationally, I'm a contract software engineer.

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A Biblical Model of the Universe

Consider that the nature of the cosmos unfolded from the time Genesis was written until the last sentences of Revelation were penned. Throughout the Bible, we see cosmological events in the creation account, in the standing still of the sun and the moon, in the backing up of the sun, in the stretching out of the heavens, in the appearance of the star of Bethlehem and its descention to the earth, in the darkening of the sun and the moon, the falling of the stars, the rolling up of the heavens, and finally in the complete absence of any celestial bodies during Christ's reign.

Many theories about creationism offer explanations about a few cosmological events depicted in the Bible, but there is not a theory which unifies all of them.

I've written a very important book called A Biblical Model of the Universe. I guarantee it's like nothing you have ever read -- a step-by-step investigation of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, forming a unified theory of the cosmos.

This theory has the potential to solve some of the biggest mysteries of cosmology.

We live in dark times like never before in the History of man. But when the dark is darkest, then Christ's light will shine the brightest it ever has through this generation. It's my hope that this book will ignite the flames of passion for God's Word likewise as never before. It's nice to know there are fellow creationists in the world. I hope you take comfort, as I do, in knowing that you are not alone.

It's a quick read and can be found here: If you'd like a promotional copy, email me at jetspicegames dot com, jeff@.unsigned comment by JeTSpice (talkcontribs)


Hi Jeff, no, I am not admin. I am also new at CreationWiki and I also made an essay. Any help you need you must ask to Ashcraft. He is admin and will help you for sure.

God bless you very much!

Luiz Alexandre Silva 10:45, 29 March 2012 (PDT)