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Ben Michael Fournier
This user is male.
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I am a nondenominational Christian and Young Earth Creationist as well as a homeschool graduate. I go to River of Life Church in Shakopee Minnesota. I have read and studied Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology up through the Creation doctrine. Being homeschooled through high school I have taken Dr. Jay L Wile's Chemistry and Physics courses. If you search my username you'll find I'm also on and I'm one of the few Christians with Asperger's syndrome.

My beliefs: God created the universe in 6 days 6011 years ago (I agree with James Ussher), God foreknew the events that would take place before the creation took place and His Son's death on the Cross was acknowledged before time (I believe in a form of Calvinism where God knows who His children are, but that all people are able to choose to accept Salvation or not.) I agree with Dr. D Russell Humphrey's White Hole cosmology and his view on Galaxtocentrism (the universe has a center of mass and it is within 100,000 light years distance of earth.) I believe in rapid variation within a Baramin, but not extending outside of that Baramin (microevolution does not lead to macroevolution.) I believe that Noah's Flood was global and was the event that split up the supercontinent. I accept the historical account of Genesis that all people today are descended from Noah.

iamnotaparakeet relates to my four pet birds: three tiels and one keet. They love me a lot and often come to me for food or just to sit on my shoulder.

Here are my websites if anyone wishes to learn more about me:[1] [2] [3]