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I grew up in a Christian household, but was largely non-religious during my childhood. Exposed to evolutionary science as taught in school and on television, I accepted the accompanying theories passively. At fifteen, I experienced a profound religious awakening, and became fixed at becoming a better Christian.

I am an ex-creationist, a former subscriber to the Gap Theory. When I first began studying the beliefs of YECs I found the views they promoted to be convincing, but upon further examination I came to find that most if not all of Creation Science was built on - for lack of a better term - a foundation of sand. I then looked into progressive creationism and ID, but found that their movements, too, were built on fallacious reasoning.

I now consider myself an agnostic evolutionist. I have no ill will toward any particular religion, and definitely prefer theism over atheism, but I must reluctantly accept the fact that, at this time, there is no concrete evidence that supports the existence of God, gods, or any other higher powers.