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       Who am I?  I am but a small part of the Lord’s vast creation.  Through a childhood in a secular home to a mother of four, the Lord has always provided everything I’ve needed and more.

My formal education includes two years of college in Business Administration and Pre-Law. As a high school student on the debate team I acquired a love for research. While in college I served as a senator on the student council, which also gave me a membership on the college school board. I studied God’s word for eight years through Community Bible Study. I have a love of learning which is continually quenched by educating our children. I have taught grades Preschool through Seventh. If I am not reading about new areas of interest from a Biblical perspective I am teaching or applying it. I enjoy a wide range of topics from Cultural Studies to Zoology. My current areas of interest would be Child Training and Nutrition or Health.

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