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I accepted Yeshua into my life aged 2 and was baptised aged 7, since then me and my family have attended a woderful fellowship called Father's House Sabbath Congregation. I went to a Church of England Primary school, then High School, both of which held Christian assemblies every morning. My high school had a chaplian who did his best to keep God an integral part of the school. Despite that, there was little evidence that is was an active part of the school. Of course evolution was taught as fact in science. Once, I asked my biology teacher after she taught evolution why it's taught in a Christian school. She paused then replied with "Because Christians accept that evolution happened, not creation". I disagree. Another lesson when she was teaching about Darwin's supposed discovery, she said he went mad at the 2 years of his life, it wasn't until afterwards I found out that it's disputed that he beacame a Christian! I know that in Genesis Chapter 1, the 6 days of creation that's described by Moses does not equal 13 billion years. God didn't kick-start the bing bang that developed into evolution. Chaos creates chaos. As a Brit, I'm pleased that there's a free creationist museum in the UK called Genesis Expo in Portsmouth, a few 100 yards from HMS Victory. I emailed one of the members of staff there and after a conversation with him, he gave me all their pamphlets which gives huge detail of the history and the rise of evolution. Proof that Creationism has been proven time and time again throughtout history to be correct.

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