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Two-spotted stink bug

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Two-spotted stink bug
Spotted Stink Bug.jpg
Scientific Classification
Binomial Name
Perillus bioculatus

The Two-spotted stink bug is an insect that is important in helping to control the population of the Colorado potato beetle [1]. This role of the Two-spotted stink bug once again demonstrates the creative hand of God in designing a unique ecosystem that functions effectively.


Full grown nymphs of the Two-spotted stink bug are approximately 8-9 mm. in length. Adults can grow up to 12 mm. Nymphs are typically yellow or reddish orange and have a black "Y" mark on their pronotum. Additionally, they have two black spots on the thorax.

Life History

Adults stink bugs overwinter in soil and plant debris surrounding potato fields. They typically emerge from their shelter in May and June and immediately begin laying eggs in about a week. The eggs, numbering between 18 and 25, are laid in compact double rows on the leaves of potato plants. The average time of development for the Two-spotted stink bug is under one month. Adults who overwinter near the end of the year may live longer than most of these insects.

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Related References

  • G. Bishop, et al. 1982. Management of Potato Insects in the Western States. WREP Pub. 64.

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