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Tom DeRosa

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Tom was in seminary when he first started to believe the lie. He was convinced that he could not mix faith with science. He decided that he had to drop one or the other, so he did. He left the seminary and church, and soon became a devout atheist and dedicated evolutionist. He thought he threw away his faith, but in reality had only found a new religion: Evolution.

In 1978, he had a life changing experience by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. Since then, he has studied the area of Creation thoroughly at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church under Dr. D. James Kennedy’s leadership. He has enthusiastically shared his testimony and given Creation Seminars with great zeal in churches throughout the country. He believes the creation message changes people’s lives, by breaking down the barriers that can keep them from Christ.

Tom was a dedicated evolutionist. However, he is now a creationist, because of what Jesus Christ did for him. He is committed to break down those barriers in other people’s lives and to fill believers with the knowledge that will allow them to do the same.

It is Tom’s desire to use his knowledge in Science to show others that Faith and Science CAN mix. That in fact, they compliment one another beautifully. Tom has published an easy-to-understand book entitled, “Evidence for Creation,[1]that attests to this very truth. He has also, recently written the book, “Evolution’s Fatal Fruit:[2] How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions,” which will show how through the theory of evolution, Darwin lied to the world and caused millions to lose focus as to our origin, and the love of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Tom has taught Chemistry and Physics, for over 30 years, in public and parochial schools. Having a strong academic background in Chemistry, he is presently an adjunct instructor in Chemistry at Broward Community College. He holds a Masters degree in Education from Florida Atlantic University. Tom is also the radio host of a daily 4-minute program on Reach FM in South Florida, The Genesis Connection, where he interviews well-known creation scientists.

Tom has been recognized by the Sun-Sentinel as receiving the High School Science Teacher award. The Broward County School Board, in which he has led teaching seminars, has also recognized his expertise in science education. He has contributed to several published science-teaching manuals, and for ten years was the Director of the Regional Science Talent Search for high school students. He also served as the Florida State Science Talent Search Director when he was on the Florida Academy of Science Executive Board.

In 1988, Tom DeRosa founded Creation Studies Institute. Tom holds the office of Executive Director of CSI. The mission is to reach the world with the truths of creation. Since its inception, it has always encouraged fellow Christians to get involved with hands-on experiences such as Fossil Floats, Dinosaur Digs, Creation Expositions, Science Workshops, etc. For More information visit our website at


Evolution's Fatal Fruit

Evidence for Creation.jpg [3]

Evolution's Fatal Fruit presents a close look at Charles Darwin and the grim consequences to which his theory of evolution has led. A Cambridge divinity graduate with a penchant for natural science, Darwin gave the world an explanation of life that helped fuel the ovens at Auschwitz. Author Tom DeRosa explains how Hitler tried to use genocide to speed up evolution and reveals how the American eugenics movement—which favored forced sterilization to cleanse the gene pool—is likewise indebted to Darwin.

Evidence for Creation

Fatal fruit.jpg[4]

One of the greatest myths about the biblical view of creation is that it is based on religion—not science. As a result, Christians who believe in six-day creation are often looked down upon. However, this book shows, that six-day creation is rooted in science, but it does not contradict the Bible!

Discover why:

  • The fossil record shows no evidence of evolution.
  • Physical laws support creation, not evolution.
  • The "irreducible complexity" of the simple cell rules out the evolution theory.
  • Grim social consequences follow when political leaders embrace evolution.

The facts, as DeRosa demonstrates, show evolution to be an idea in disarray. So be prepared for challenging, intelligent answers.

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