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Scientific Classification

Ticks are parasitic arachnids. Young ticks have six legs, and mature ticks have eight legs. Tick's body is so small. cannot be seen by bare human eyes. The microscope is the only way to observate. Tick mostly eats man's dandruff, horny and dust. When they starving, even eats dead body of other ticks. They are absolutely omnivore(=the organism that eat anything). They prefer living in damp(moist), sun-blocked area. where is like bed, pillow, carpet...almost everywhere which made up by fiber. Also even on the human's skin.


Many people group ticks into the same category as fleas and mosquitoes(=insects that suck blood). However, ticks are really arachnids(=kind of animal like spiders). Adult insects have three pairs of legs, and their bodies are made up of three segments: the head, the thorax and the abdomen. Arachnids, on the other hand, have four pairs of legs. Spiders are also arachnids, but ticks aren't spiders. Spiders' bodies have two segments, the cephalothorax(=the head and body part of animal) and the abdomen.


Reproduction on ticks is closely associated with feeding, as this is necessary for egg production. Certain pathogens(=the cause virus of sickness) of veterinary and medical importance are transmitted transovarially(=through the egg) to the offspring of female ticks. Because many tick species can lay a lot of eggs, this mode of transmission can become an efficient means of multiplying the pathogens. Most ixodid matings take place on the host, and only after attachment, but there are exceptions in the genus Ixodes, where in some species mating can take place prior to attachment to the host.


Most ticks are what we call three host ticks that is during their development through two years, they take three different hosts and suck the blood. All ticks have four stages to their life cycle (egg, larvae, nymph, and adult).

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