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Please provide body parameter.


This template allows a standardized method to post notices to users. Other templates may make use of it to inherit the standard style while customizing it.


  • type: The type of notice this is. The basic types (by increasing importance) are: info (default), tip, caution, or stop. It can also be used to give an award or thanks.
  • title: The title of the notice (default type, or "Notice" if that is not given either).
  • body: The main text of the message.

Note that type=tip is probably intended more for editors than readers, so will probably be seen mainly in CreationWiki and Help namespaces.


{{notice |type= |title= |body= }}


Typical notification goes here.
Word of wisdom
You may learn something if you read me! Perhaps about wiki formatting, perhaps about a certain style or convention in use, or maybe just how a template looks when the text gets really long and has to wrap to a second line.
Be careful…
Slow down, be alert.
Stop hand.png
Look out!
Danger, Will Robinson, danger‼
Feature star.jpg
This is a great page we are sure you'll like.
Smiley face.png
You're so cool
You cleaned up my goof on some article, thanks a bunch!