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Ted Driggers

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Ted Driggers

Dr. Ted Driggers attended the U.S. Naval Academy for the first part of his college studies. He then went to U.C. Berkeley and received his Ph.D. in Operations Research. During his time he was employed through telecommunications, He developed a networking design method at Bell Telephone Laboratories. He excelled at engineering parts of a communications satellite (like what they use in military satellites) also working on cell phone adaption. After spending many years working on these things he retired to Orcas Island in Washington state.

Being a creation scientist, Ted has a strong faith in the Lord. He actually retired because he felt the The Lord was calling him to creation evangelism. He really wanted to focus on schools and media. He has done many things involving the Lords leading such as speaking at many schools including secular schools. He also has participated in Video seminars with Ken Ham - another popular creationist.