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IRS definition

The original IRS definition in this article seems to have come from an excerpt on FactNet (, because it had the same typos (space before comma twice, quotation mark at end) as in our article.

But I found the original reference on the IRS site itself (, which doesn't have the typos. The IRS quote also refers to a different subsection (FactNet and our article said [7.8.2] 3.6.5 (02-23-1999), whereas the IRS page gives the ref as (02-23-1999), which I changed ours to). I don't know whether they have changed this recently, or whether FactNet got it wrong to start with. Anyway, I think it is more accurate now, unless you have more info on it and want to change it back. -- Tim Talbot --Klang 12:17, 3 May 2006 (GMT)