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Synthetic cannabis

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Synthetic cannabis is a drug with similar effect to marijuana but it has been synthesized with other chemicals. Synthetic cannabis has other names such as K2 or spice. Even though people say that synthetic cannabis is safe, it really isn’t. There have been worse problems with the synthetic marijuana rather than the real stuff. It originated from Europe and ended up her inside little stores such as seven eleven and gas stores. They come in little packages and are labeled not for human consumption. But people used it anyways and found a new and cheap way to get high. Until it became illegal in the United States.

Chemical Composition

Synthetic cannabis, also known as synthetic marijuana, K2, or Spice, are commonly sold as legal potpourri (herbal incense). In stores the drug is usually labeled not for human consumption to avoid the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Synthetic cannabis is a man-made chemical that is added to the plant material, so it can be marked as a legal high. The people who smoke this drug say that the drug mimic's 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana. The man-made chemicals are related to amphetamine, but it can also have methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), ephedrine, and methylone. Every one in nine 12th grader's have reported using synthetic cannabis in the past year. The usage of this cannabis is extremely high among younger people. That makes this drug the second most frequently used drug among high school seniors, the first one is marijuana.[1] Synthetic cannabis is made up of herbs, incense or other leafy materials, and chemicals. This drug was able to be purchased in the United States for the first time in 2008. People were glad that they could buy it and smoke it legally, until 2012 when a ban hit against the sale of synthetic cannabis and made it a illegal drug. People believe that this drug is safe, non-toxic, and elicits the mind altering effects that marijuana has. People get a high from synthetic cannabis by smoking it in a joint, pipe, bong, or through other device's. People can also get a high from synthetic cannabis by putting it in food such as brownies or cookies, or putting it in tea and drinking it. People who have smoked spice say that the high is like a marijuana high just stronger because of the chemicals added to the synthetic cannabis.[2]


Synthetis cannabis came from Europe around the year of 2004. It was a product of a store that was located in Europe that sell cubensis mushrooms. The spice is way cheaper then marijuana so people bought it. Since it gave them the same type as high that marijuana can give you. A 3 gram pack of spice can cost a person about 30 to 35 dollars. With that amount there is enough spice for a while.[1]


Synthetic cannabis is bad for your body. It can cause you to have anxiety, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia (which is a fasted pasted heart beat), elevated blood pressure, tremors, and seizures, hallucinations, dilated pupils, and suicidal/ other harmful thoughts or actions[2]. Also many people say that spice give's them a very similar high to what marijuana gives them. The people who do this drug say that they get elevated mood's, relaxation, and an altered perception. Many people sat that synthetic cannabis's high is way stronger than marijuana. There have been no scientific studies on what damage spice can have on the brain. There are many different kinds of spice, so it is possible that many different kinds have different stuff added to them then what other's have added to theirs. The different stuff added into the synthetic cannabis can cause different effect's on a person, than what they were expecting.[3]

People have had serious toxicite's from the usage of synthetic cannabis. Some people who have tried this synthetic cannabis have needed hospital emergency treatment[4]


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