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Shalmaneser V

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Shalmaneser V (Akkadian: Shulmânuasharid; Hebrew: שלמנאסר, Shalmanʻeser; "Name means::fire-worshipper") was King of Assyria from 728-717 BC according to Ussher,[1] or 727-722 BC according to conventional sources.[2] His father and predecessor was son of::successor of::Tiglath-Pileser III.


Shalmaneser succeeded Tiglath-Pileser III upon the latter's death.[3] He had heretofore been governor of Zimirri in Phoenicia.

Destruction of the Northern Kingdom

Main Article: Fall of Samaria

Shalmaneser besieged Samaria, capital of the Kingdom of Israel,[4] from 726-723 BC, according to Ussher.[5] Conventional sources state that Shalmaneser began the siege of Samaria in 724 BC, but was assassinated in 722 BC by Sargon II, who completed the taking, depopulation, and repopulation of Samaria.[2] However, Ussher holds that Sargon is another name for Shalmaneser's son and successor Sennacherib. In any event, the Bible holds no warrant for a king of Assyria having been assassinated halfway through the siege of Samaria, and his usurper finishing the job.


Shalmaneser probably died in 717 BC, and his son father of::succeeded by::Sennacherib succeeded him to the throne.[5]

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