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Shallum (Hebrew: שלום, Shallūm; "Name means::retribution") (r. 772 BC according to Ussher,[1][2] or 752 BC according to Thiele[3]) was the fifteenth king of the Kingdom of Israel. (2_Kings 15:13-15 ) He held that position for one month only. The only king that had a shorter reign was Zimri.


Shallum, the son of son of::Jabesh, conspired against his king, Zachariah, and killed him in front of the people.[4] Zachariah had been on the throne for six months; Shallum would hold that throne for an even shorter time.


Died: Died::1 Zif 3232 AM
Preceded by
Successor of::Zachariah
King of Ruler of::Kingdom of Israel
Accession::1 Abib 3232 AMDied::1 Zif 3232 AM
Succeeded by
Succeeded by::Menahem

A general named Menahem marched to Samaria from Tirzah and killed Shallum, along with many other people.[4] This happened in the thirty-ninth year of the reign of Uzziah of the Kingdom of Judah, as Ussher[1] attests and which Thiele[3] does not dispute.

It also happened one month after Shallum came to the throne. Ussher estimated that Shallum came to power in the spring of 3232 AM, so he was probably assassinated in the second month of spring.

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