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Robert Millikan

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Robert Andrews Millikan

Robert Andrews Millikan (Born::March 22, 1868Died::December 19, 1953) was an American physicist and creationist. In 1886 he entered Oberlin College in Ohio for his undergraduate degree in his favorite subjects of Greek and mathematics. It wasn't till his second year of teaching elementary physics that he found his interest in the subject that he would become famous for. He had achieved his master's degree in physics in 1893, and after he obtained his degree he was appointed incorporated senior member of Columbia University. He also made important studies of cosmic rays which he called X rays. In 1923 he received the Nobel Prize in physics.


  • Evolution in Science and Religion; written in 1927
  • Science and the New Civilization; written in 1930
  • Time, Matter, and Values; written in 1932

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