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Red sea

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Red Sea from NASA Satellite
Map of the Red Sea region

The red sea (Hebrew: ים סוף, Yam Suf, Hebrew: הים האדום, Hayam Haadóm, Arabic: البحر الأحمر, Bahr el-Ahmar) is a gulf of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia (Arabian Peninsula). The Red Sea extends about 1,900 km from the straits of Bab el-Mandeb to the tip of the Sinai peninsula.[1] The Red Sea has two arms to the north. One to the west, separating Arabia from Egypt and one to the east, separating the Sinai Peninsula from Arabia.[2] The west arm leads to the Gulf of Suez where is located the Suez Canal nowadays.[2] The east arm leads to the Gulf of Aqabah.[3]

In the Bible

The crossing of the Red Sea, oil on canvas, 124 x 174 cm Jacques Courtois (1621-1676)

The Israelites were led from Egypt on the way of the wilderness toward the Red Sea (or Sea of reeds, rushes - Hebrew: יַם־ס֑וּף, yam sûph) (Exodus 13:18 ). There took place the miracle of the splitting of the Red Sea that allowed the people of Israel could escape the persecution of the Egyptians.(Exodus 14:15-23 )


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