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Ray Rempt

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Ray Rempt

Dr. Ray Rempt studied physics and received a Ph.D. from UCLA in 1969. He was the first student there to receive the degree “with distinction”. He has performed original research in atomic and molecular physics, optics, fiber optic sensors, magnetic detection and other disciplines. Ray is currently a technical fellow in the Boeing Company’s Physics department, working with various advanced concepts and sensors.

Ray was significantly involved in the Jesus Movement of the 60’s and early 70’s, where he worked in Orange County at various schools, at colleges, universities, churches, and many para-church organizations. Ray is associated with Calvary Chapel. He became connected with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) at the Munich Olympics in 1972, and since then has been a regular speaker at YWAM schools and base meetings. Ray teaches in many parts of the world, in churches and universities, in camps, conferences, rallies, and other special functions.

Ray Rempt
PO Box 1833
Woodinville, WA 98072


Ray has recently written a book entitled “BIG BANG TO KINGDOM COME”, which deals with the types of questions that should be asked to address the whole creation/evolution issue. He frequently is asked to do apologetics, from scientific as well as philosophical and moral standpoints. He specializes in the spiritual dynamics underlying human behavior, and presses to understand root causes with a “first principles” approach. His grasp of scriptural principles is highly directed towards personal application, and the practical side of the Christian life.

Ray’s book on God dealing with the nations, entitled “A SEASON FOR ALL TIME”, came out in February of 2003. It has a broad appeal, and looks at developments on the international scene in the past 60 years. It includes the formation of the state of Israel, the cold war, the dissolution of the Soviet Bloc, and why there has been no WWIII as yet. The theme of the book is that the nations are sprouting, and are reaching out to receive the Gospel, and we will shortly see the greatest outpouring of mercy that the world has ever seen, and after this will come the judgment. It demonstrates that God is very interested in healing the nations, as spoken of in the very last chapter of the Bible.

Ray’s latest book, just out in February of 2006, entitled “GOT FAITH?” addresses relevant contemporary questions commonly posed about the Christian Faith. These questions were compiled mostly from young people of college and some high school age, in camps and conferences in the past few years. Ray’s insightful answers and provocative style make this book challenging, while at the same time being an “easy read”. Young and old will find this book a great help in establishing their faith, and encouraging the faith of others. The book will be available in late 2005, through Evergreen Press.