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Dino tracks.jpg

Dinosaur tracks can be found at multiple locations around the world. The general characteristics of these tracks offer strong evidence that they were formed under catastrophic conditions. Within North America, there are several "megatrack" sites, that is, track sites that have more than 100 dinosaur tracks. At many of these site, like the Red Fleet Megatrack Site in Utah (pictured at left), the dinosaur tracks predominantly go in a North East direction, suggesting the animals were fleeing in a common direction.

Dinosaur tracks have several other consistent oddities about them. Sauropod tracks are rare; the predominant tracks found are tridactyl (such as shown in Red Fleet photo). Juvenile tracks are also rare, and Glen Rose is one place that has both juvenile tracks and sauropod tracks. Usually the tracks are found in multiple layers, with no evidence of any long period of time in between the layers.