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Obed (Hebrew: עובד, ʻŌḇēḏ; Greek: Ἰωβήδ, Iōbēd; "Name means::serving")[1] (b. ca. Born::Abib 2693 AM) was the son of Boaz and Ruth and grandfather of King David.


descendant of::Amminadab
descendant of::Nahshon
grandson of::Rahab
son of::Boaz
son of::Ruth
father of::Jesse

Date of Birth

Bishop William Lloyd, in 1701, published his estimate of the date of the marriage of Ruth and Boaz. That date was 1312 BC, or 2692 AM. The marriage took place on or about the summer of that year, and Obed was born in the following spring (Ruth 4:17 ).

Obed appears in the genealogy of David (Ruth 4:22 ) and in the two genealogies of ancestor of::Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:5 , Luke 3:22 ).

Life Span

The Bible records at least one man who lived 130 years long after Obed was born. So his life span was probably longer. His son Jesse was probably born when he was 125 years old (2818 AM, 1186 BC), as he himself was born when his own father was 125 years old.


Obed was born during the administration of Judge Ehud and lived during the administrations, and the wars, of Judges Deborah, Gideon, and Tola.

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