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Oak tree 1.jpg
Scientific Classification

Contains 206 Species and 230 accepted taxa overall

  • Quercus alba
  • Quercus aliena
  • Quercus arizonica
  • Quercus austrina
  • Quercus berberidifolia
  • Quercus bicolor
  • Quercus boyntonii
  • Quercus chapmannii
  • Quercus macrocarpa (Bur oak)
  • Quercus pubescens
  • Quercus pungens
  • Quercus robur
  • Quercus rugosa
  • Quercus sadleriana
  • Quercus stellata
  • Quercus toumeyi
  • Quercus turbinella
  • Quercus vaseyana
  • Quercus cualensis
  • Quercus depressa
  • Quercus eduardii
  • Quercus ellipsoidalis
  • Quercus emoryi
  • Quercus falcata
  • Quercus gravesii
  • Quercus velutina (Black oak)
Oak tree 3.jpg

Oak is a deciduous tree with 400 identified species, which can live more than 200 years. The largest oak tree in U.S.A. is in Lewisburg, Mandeville, Lousiana, and is believed to be more than 1000 years old. It's 11.27 meter (37ft 2in) wide and 47.27 meters (150 feet) tall.

Oaks are an important source of lumber used to make furniture and housing because the wood is hard and strong.


The leaves of oak tree

The average height of an oak tree is 110 feet(33 meters). The oak tree can takes some 60 years to mature and produce its first full crop of fruit. Oaks have simple, alternate leaves and the size is 5-9 in (1.5-2.7 cm) long and have 7, 9 or 11 lobes, however all those lobes are not the same. Oak tree leaves change color again turning from dark green to yellow and orange and the leaves in the fall and usually persist on the trees until early winter. sometimes stay on the tree until the following spring. The acorn is 1/2 to 1 inch long. The color is change green to pale yellow to dark olive brown. Oak bark color is grey-brown. The bark is collected from the tree normally during April and May. The bark on the tree protects and stores food that the chlorophyll makes for the tree. Every year new wood grows under the Oak tree’s bark and that makes the trunk of the tree become wider and stronger. [1]


When an oak tree reaches 30 years, then they can producing, but some oak trees first producing age is 50. The oak trees produce once a year during fall. When spring is come, the oak tree make small yellow-green flowers. The male flowers form in long inflorescence from the tree and produce a large pollen, however they making seem as though the oak has a yellow mist hanging about it, sometimes. Anyways, this pollen fertilizes the female flowers and after a few weeks later, the female flower will have acorn. In autumn, these acorns are shed and typically picked up and eaten by forest creatures. [2]


The leaves and acorn of oak tree

The oak tree can now be found as far a field, in the mountains of Mexico and in South America. One of oak free that Holm Oak, which is common to the south of England and Europe. The basic nutrient that oak tree need is magnesium for produces green chlorophyll; calcium gives rigidity to cell walls; potassium for regulatory functions; and nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur for provides proteins. Also, oak tree need 50 more gallons of water per day. [3]


Oak is very useful to human. Oak wood chips are used for smoking fish, meat, cheeses and other foods. And used making drums from manufacture Yamaha drums. The hafts of daggers and knives made from its roots. Oak tree is favorite wood for making doors and furniture, also store liqueur like barrels and casks. And its used in the construction of Churches, use building to ships of war, making of railroad carriages and other forms of transport. Also, the leaves and bark of oak tree is use to be medicine. [4]


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