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Artist’s rendering of methane molecules flowing through a carbon nanotube less than two nanometers in diameter.

Carbon Nanotube.

Because we know that machines are designed by intelligence, evolutionists are quick to deny that any of the features of living systems are nonotechnology, and will say that although elements of the cell appear to operate like machinery, that they are in fact not machines. Hovever, Ken Dill, Director of the Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology Professor, Physics and Chemistry, Stony Brook University has stated in a TED Talk lecture,

The case I want to make for you is that proteins are machines. You have 20,000 types of machines in your body, and other living organisms have other kinds of protein machines. There's tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of different machines. And the first case I want to make for you is that these are real machines. That's not a metaphor. They use energy, they spin around, they pump, they act to cause force and motion. . . . I've just shown you a few examples of tens of thousands of protein machines, but the case I want to make for you is just to convince you they are real machines, just at the super microscopic level.[1]


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