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NSCS Past Projects (05-06)

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This page lists the student projects of North Sound Christian Schools Biology and Creation Apologetics classes from the 2005-2006 school year.

6th Period Biology

Student First Paper - due Monday 4/10 Second Paper - due Friday 4/14 '
Nathan Moss Sphagnum
Eric Pteridophyta Sword Fern
Brandon Fir Noble Fir
Ericka Liliaceae Tulip
Alex Rosaceae Rose
Mark Evan Pinophyta Lebanon Cedar
Bethany Ericales Rhododendron
Andrew Thuja Western Red Cedar
Susan Malvales Hibiscus
Moon Pine Bristlecone pine
Heather Flowering plants Asteraceae
Myisha Liliales Lily

7th Period Biology

Student First Paper - due Monday 4/10 Second Paper - due Friday 4/14
Sara Asparagales Orchids
Nicki Dicotyledon Magnolia
Meagan Lycopodiophyta Nymphaeaceae
David Caryophyllales Venus Flytrap
Andrew Joshua Tree Sunflower
Mandy Cycad Ginkgo
Jake Embryophyte Horsetail
Jin Asterales Agavaceae
Ryan Pinaceae Western Hemlock
Erin Haplorrhini - Bromeliaceae Pink Quill
Josh Monocotyledon Wheat
Jarred Cupressaceae Bald Cypress
Mark Douglas-fir Spruce
Skyler Arecaceae Fuchsia

Creation Apologetics

Biblical Archaeology Topics

Student Archaeology Topic
Nicki Sodom and Gomorrah
Mandy Marisa Tomb Paintings
Ryan Temple of Jerusalem
Jake Judah's Royal Seals
Rosa Dead Sea Scrolls
Brandon Megiddo
Sara James Ossuary
Ericka Ark of the Covenant
Alex Jericho
Nathan Black Sea

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