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Malcolm Cutchins

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Malcolm A. Cutchins

Malcolm A. Cutchins is a semi- retired teacher at Auburn but is still involved with Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honorary as a Province Faculty Director. He sometimes talks to some Christian groups and writes a weekly conservative Op/Ed in the local paper, and also does some blogging as well[1].

He has written a couple of books that include his personal story, namely ” The God Factor” in 2001 and was a contributing author to “On the Seventh Day: Forty scientists and academicians tell why they believe in God” 2002.[2]

Most of his teachings are very varied because he teaches vibrations, dynamics, and aroelasticity, and applications of engineering to societal problems. Mr. Cutchins has also served as one of the seven people that worked on the NSF-sponsored alternative Pre-Engineering curriculum that uses integrates math, engineering, and physics in a unique manner. He has been developing his computer skills of a course of time and by doing so he has made some 3-D applications involving C and Visual Basic. He has also served many years as a Technical Editor Board of the Computers in Education Journal member.[3]