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The Lehabim (Hebrew: להבים, Lehāḇīm) are the descendants of Lehab (Hebrew: להב, Lehāḇ; "Name means::flame, Name means::blade") the third son of son of::Mizraim, according to Genesis 10:13 .


Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup E1. Some authorities (including Josephus) give Libya as their original country. He states (as so many other nations he had no clear knowledge about) that they were destroyed in the Ethiopic War. However, since Trombetta et al announced in 2011 the discovery of an E1b1b1g (E-V92) sub-clade in two Ethiopian Amhara, it is possible that larger numbers of this group probably still exist in the area of Ethiopia.


Timeline from Noah to Christ with important landmarks in the Biblical Chronology (long sojourn) aligned with the Revised Egyptian Chronology.
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