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Laurence Tisdall

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Laurence Tisdall is the founder (in 1990) and president of the bilingual creationist organization: The Creation Science Association of Quebec / L'Association de Science Creationniste du Quebec (CSAQ/ASCQ). [1] Mr. Tisdall is presently a project manager for a company that builds MRF's (Material Recovery Facilities).

Tisdall holds a Master of Science degree in micropropagation (McGill University), a Bachelor's degree in General Agriculture from Macdonald College (McGill University) and published in the peer-reviewed journal HortScience:

"A rapid clearing and staining method for tissue-cultured plantlets and greenhouse grown leaves", Tisdall, L. and Donnelly, D.J. HortScience 23(6):1059-1061.1988.

Tisdall has also contributed a chapter to a university textbook on micropropagation: "Acclimatization strategies for micropropagated plants" in "Micropropagation of Woody Plants", edited by M.R. Ahuja, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993.

His interest in creationary research began in 1982 during his last year of high school. His studies on the subject have since led him to several international conferences. Known since 1984 for his conferences on biblical creation, Tisdall has participated in 18 debates and presented over 1000 talks in churches, universities and General and Vocational Colleges, as well as in Christian and secular schools.

Tisdall has also been involved in several radio and television broadcasts in Quebec, Ontario and throughout the U.S. (i.e. 100 Huntley Street, Michael Coren Show, The Creation Network, The Prophecy Club) [1]

Creation Science Association of Quebec
CP 63 Succ. Youville
Montreal, QC Canada H2P 2V2
Phone: 819 364-3652


Dinosaurs : From the Bible to the 21st century. Where do dinosaurs come from? Where did they go? Could they have evolved or do they contain evidence of being created? Did man live with dinosaurs as recently as 1000 years ago? Are there dinosaurs alive today? What are three well-known dinosaurs in the Bible? This conference will answer these questions and more and show some startlingly accurate descriptions of dinosaurs in the Bible. The speaker’s personal testimony is "Jesus loves dinosaurs".

Jesus and the book of Genesis Many Christians think that since Genesis is part of the Old Testament, it somehow has lost its importance to everyday life for the New Testament Christian. This talk not only shows the importance of understanding Genesis but the importance Jesus placed in a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis. Topics discussed: Did God create in 6 days? Was there a global flood? What is the meaning of baptism? How did God create the universe? What does Genesis tell us about the last days?

How to debate an evolutionist and NEVER lose Debating an evolutionist publicly can be a daunting task. This presentation will explain how to effectively debate an evolutionist. Topics include: how to organize a debate, what subjects to debate, and answers to the most popular anti-creationist arguments. An actual debate presentation about the "Origin of Life" will be shown and explained.

Prove that God exists Scripture invites us to "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15). Classic, easy-to-use arguments will show overwhelming evidence for the existence of God. However, we must not stop at just an answer to the existence of God but we must answer the question "Which God?" The second half of this presentation presents historical and prophetic proof attesting to the veracity of the Bible and the life and resurrection of Jesus.

Evangelization in the 21st century Considering that the theory of evolution is actually a belief system and not science, Christians must know how to present their faith effectively to a naturalistic, reductionist society similar to the one encountered by the apostle Paul in the 17th chapter of Acts. The effectiveness of creationism as an evangelistic tool is often underestimated. This conference will give a step-by-step approach to successful evangelism.

The Evolution of Man Science is now able to clearly show that there are no "missing links" between apes and man - in fact, there are no links at all! A concise and easily understood explanation for fossil-man findings such as Neanderthal, Cro-magnon, Homo habilis, Homo erectus and the famous "Lucy" Australopithecus will be explained. Several of the more notable evolutionary frauds will also be exposed. Showing the necessity for a creator, the speaker will encourage the audience to consider their own place in creation and relationship with the Creator.

Noah's Global Flood Incredible evidence for the occurrence of a global flood and explanations of possible mechanisms for the flood are presented. Fossils, mass flood burials, geologic formations and the theological implications of rejecting a global flood will be discussed.

The book of Genesis and the Chinese peoples The amazing discovery that the Chinese peoples had a clear understanding of the book of Genesis is evident in their 4000 year old pictograms. Their culture and traditions demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of the God of Genesis "ShangDi". This presentation will challenge many with the discovery of the historical extra-biblical evidence for Adam and Eve, Noah and the Great Flood as well as some mysterious Chinese prophecies concerning the coming of "The Prince".

Other titles possible:

-The science Darwin did not know -The dating game : The Truth about radiometric dating and the age of the Earth - Reflections on creation: Symbiosis in nature


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