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Kelly Hollowell

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Kelly Hollowell

Dr. Kelly Hollowell recieved her Ph.D. in molecular and cellular pharmacology from the University of Miami, and her juris doctorate (J.D.) from Regent University. Dr. Hollowell has since worked as an adjunct professor of bioethics, research assistant, a forensic toxicologist, assistant director of technical analysis, science consultant for various labs and companies, and an attorney-at-law.

Dr. Hollowell is currently Senior Strategist for Bioethics for the Center for Reclaiming America. Her qualifications have provided her evidence to respond to questions regarding abortion, stem cell research, and other various moral studies. She is founder and executive director of Science Ministries, Inc. and has a weekly column in WorldNetDaily.

Kelly Hollowell's education and opinion has made a large impact with both the Christian community as well as the secular community. Her articles and opinions have appeared in The National Liberty Journal, The Virginia Beach Pilot, The Richmond Times Dispatch, and The Journal of Neurobiology.

Dr. Hollowell has actively been fighting as a Creationist to show the importance of human life, and has responded with ethical questions that continue to stimulate questions and answers to what is morally right. As a Christian, her debates have raised the ethical bar, and as a scientist she has developed new perspectives of studying. Her position on the Joint Subcommittee Studying Stem Cell Research has heightened her to reveal and defend human life and God's creation.