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The son of Seqenenre Tao, brother of Ahmose I. Kahmose was the last pharaoh of the 17th dynasty.

The Hyksos, also known as the Amelakites were nomadic Shepherds from the east who were able to invade Egypt with very little resistance as a result of the Exodus and the plagues that preceded it.

Sequenre Tao, the second last pharaoh of the 17th dynasty (based in Thebes) rebelled against the Hyksos and was eventually captured and take to Avaris and tortured by Apopi I.

Kahmose continued the rebellion against the Hyksos but was also killed in battle.

His mother Ahhotep and his brother Ahmose I took over leading the resistance and eventually succeeded in driving the Hyksos out of Egypt towards Caanan where they encountered Saul, the first king of Israel.

Saul all but obliterated the Hyksos sparing Apopi II (also known as Agag). Agag was taken to Samuel who put him to death.

Timeline showing the Synchrony between Israel and Egypt from the end of the Second intermediate period to Thutmose III who was the Shishak of the Bible.