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Johan Kruger

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Johan J. Kruger

Johan J. Kruger received an M.Sc. in animal reproductive physiology in 1982, and a Ph.D. in nematology in 1986. Also worked as a technical/research assistant, and then as a postdoctoral research fellow. Then later on as a senior lecturer on zoology, at a local university, he developed Biology courses for a teachers training program and he became responsible for Human and Sports Physiology courses. He has also written/ co-written 22 research articles which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Johan Kruger was born in a traditional Afrikaans home in 1950. He is married to his wife Dianne. They live in Aurora, Durbanville and have no children. He works as CEO of the new Creation Ministries International in Cape Town, operating the ministry from his home. Him and his wife (picture at left) received training at the Australian HQ office at their own expense. The Creation Ministries International can benefit greatly from Dr. Johan Kruger and his extensive background in zoology.[1]

Johan J. Kruger and his wife Dianne Kruger

He believed in God at a very young age, but he found his faith shaken by an agnostic university lecturer and struggled for many years to reconcile the Bible with science. According to the Creation ministries International website, "Johan is fully persuaded that the ministry’s uncompromising approach, i.e. upholding the authority of God’s Word, the Bible, from the very first verse (connecting it to all of reality and pointing out that God, not man, determines truth) will motivate and equip Christians to defend their faith against the evolutionary indoctrination that is so prevalent in society today. He also believes that this will awaken Christians to the wonders of God’s creation, the evidence of design in nature, and most of all, the urgent need to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ—as Sovereign Creator, Redeemer and Judge." [2]

Johan Kruger
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Durbanville 7551
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