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Jimsonweed flower before it blooms.jpg
Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Datura stramonium

Jimsonweed in full bloom

Jimsonweed is a species of plant known by the scientific name datura stramonium. It is perhaps best known for its toxicity and many medicinal applications. It has also been used as a hallucinogen.

Body Design

jimsonweed foliage

Jimsonweed can grow up to five feet tall, with white flowers and seed pods with prickly edges. When the seed pods ripen they split open[1].

The flower can be purple in the center and has white peddles. The seeds are dark colored and medium in size with prickly edges. The leaves look like holly.

Life Cycle

jimsonweed life cycle

The Jimsonweed has been classified as an annual plan, which means after one blooming season they die.[2] Jimsonweed self-pollinates so after it blooms and the wind carries the pollinated seed away, they grow a new plant the next season.

Medical Uses

Jimsonweed contains atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine. By itself atropine is used for dilating the back of the eye for eye exams.[3] Scopolamine is put in to patches, to help prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion-sickness. Hyoscyamine is used to treat disorders involving the gastrointestinal tract.[4]

Jimsonweed seeds

The following phrase has been used to summarize jimsonweed seed poisoning: "Red a as a beet, dry as a bone, blind as a bat, mad hatter". The whole Jimsonweed plant is toxic. Jimsonweed poisoning physical symptoms’ are dry mouth, dilated pupils, high temperature, reduced sweating, and blurred vision. Psychological symptoms include confusion, euphoria, and delirium. [5]. The "cure" for Jimsonweed poisoning is the same for any overdose, at the hospital they will give the patient Activated charcoal. Even though Jimsonweed has many dreadful side effects, there are a few good side effects. For example, it can be administered to treat asthma, aches abscesses, arthritis, boils, headaches, hemorrhoids, rattlesnake bites, sprains, swellings and tumors.[6]


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