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Jim Mason

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Dr. Jim Mason in 2014.

Jim Mason is a Creation Apologist and speaker for Creation Ministries International Canada. He has a Bachelors in Science Degree in Engineering Physics from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada and is a Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Nuclear Physics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1]Jim grew up going to chapel consistently in a Christian household. While achieving high school graduation, he never heard the message of salvation and left the congregation and his faith when he took Geology 101 in his first year of College. Despite the fact that he and his family continued church participation through his kids. Mason and his wife had an idea that it would be useful for their two young ladies to attend church, it wasn't until practically his 40th birthday celebration that he heard the message of salvation when going to a church in light of the welcome of many companions and neighbors and along these lines acknowledged Christ as his lord and Savior.[2]

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Physics Industry

After a year on the faculty of the Physics Department at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada immediately following completion of his Ph. D. studies, he took a job with one of Canada's major defense electronics system integration companies where he worked for 37 years. The first 20 years he spent developing passive and active sonar systems for ship-borne, airborne and fixed applications that are in use with the Canadian, Portuguese, Belgian, Swedish and US Navies. In the next 17 years, he developed integrated, secure, digital voice and data ground mobile tactical communications systems that are used by the Canadian and British armies. During his Physics career, Jim held positions in software engineering, system engineering, program management and line management, including VP Engineering and Chief Technology Officer responsible for research and development. He served for several years on the company's Executive Committee. Throughout all the years and all the experiments Dr. Jim Mason had been discovering, he finally felt that the Bible and the Christian Worldview is the answer we should all have in life to follow through with as a defense for our own use. He has admitted that the Bible and Christianity are the perfect systems to a consistent lifestyle.[3]

Creation Ministries International

Jim Mason talking at the Creation Super Conference in 2012.

Dr. Jim Mason started in Creation Ministries International 2 months after he accepted God into his life. After becoming a speaker for Creation Ministries International-Canada, Jonathan Sarfati asked Dr. Jim Mason the general question asked to a scientist with an atheistic worldview which was "So why would a logical scientist accept something that the world largely mocks?" with experiences in radioactive dating and nuclear experiments, Dr. Jim Mason had not encountered any Nuclear Physicist with a Christian Worldview but had this to say "I have become increasingly amazed at how comprehensive and yet internally consistent the Bible and Christianity are. I spent most of my working career as a System Engineer developing complex and sophisticated defense electronic systems. Consequently, I have come to think of the Bible and Christianity as the perfect system." Dr. Jim Mason contrasts scriptural Christianity and the Apollo framework that sent men to the moon and returned them securely: this included everything that was required, and didn't have anything pointless to its objective. The same is valid for scriptural Christianity. "In any case", Jim says, "the Apollo framework, being man-made, was not immaculate as adequately shown by the close fiasco of the Apollo 13 mission. Then again, the Book of scriptures/Christianity is flawless, having been made by God." Dr. Jim Mason has always been a consistent member for Creation Ministries International since 2010 and is a unique speaker due to the many accolades he holds in Physics. Dr. Jim Mason is still with CMI-Canada today and looks to do great things for the Creation Apologetic Industry through Creation Ministries International having many conferences lined up in 2017.[4]

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Jim Mason with his wife and two grandkids.

After Dr. Jim Mason's first year of College, he met his wife Rosemary in a Geology class at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. They soon got married after Jim Mason completed his Bachelors of Science degree from Queen's University and then proceeded to have two daughters named Emma and Jessica. Both daughters currently live where they were still born which is Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. After having two daughters, becoming a Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Physics, and retiring from helping the Canadian and British armies with defensive nuclear weapons, he decided to have more time to his wife and kids and grand-kids. Jim Mason and his wife Rosemary found it a great idea for the kids to learn about the Bible and its morals since the Bible provided good morals for the kids to develop as they grew older. With Mason expecting the kids to just learn about the morals provided form the Bible, He started growing very close with Christianity and developed a relationship with God on his 40th Birthday without prior recognition that God existed his whole life. Through going to church Mason not only developed a big bond with his wife and kids, but with God and his beautiful creation becoming a speaker for every SuperCreation Conference from 2010 till now in Creation Ministries International[5]


Jim Mason giving a talk about the age of the earth at the CMI "Age and Reason" Conference on August 2015 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Written Publications

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