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Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology

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By William A. Dembski
312 page Paperback. 1999.
ISBN 083082314X

Intelligent Design is a pivotal, synthesizing work from a thinker whom Phillip Johnson calls "one of the most important of the design theorists who are sparking a scientific revolution by legitimating the concept of intelligent design in science."

Although the fast-growing movement has gained considerable grassroots support, many scientists and theologians remain skeptical about its merits. Scientists worry that it's bad science (merely creationism in disguise) and theologians worry that it's bad theology (misunderstanding divine action). In this book William Dembski addresses these concerns and brilliantly argues that intelligent design provides a crucial link between science and theology.

Various chapters creatively and powerfully address intelligent discernment of divine action in nature, why the significance of miracles should be reconsidered, and the demise and unanswered questions of British natural theology. Effectively challenging the hegemony of naturalism and reinstating design within science, Dembski shows how intelligent design can be unpacked as a theory of information.



Dembski´s book is an important step in bringing the focus back to a level playing field of truth, not prejudice
Robert Kaita, Principal research physicist, plasma physics laboratory, Princeton University


William Dembski is one of the main leaders of the intelligent design movement...He now provides a popular treatment [that] is a must-read
Philip E. Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial

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