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Hezron (Hebrew: חצרון, Kheẓrōn; Greek: Ἑσρώμ, Hesrōm; "Name means::courtyard") (b. Born::Entry into Egypt::Teveth 2298 AM) was the first named son of Pharez and an important clan leader in the tribe of Judah. He is included in the genealogy of David.


grandson of::Judah
grandson of::Tamar
son of::Pharez
brother of::Hamul
father of::Jerahmeel
father of::Ram
grandfather of::Amminadab
grandfather of::Hur
ancestor of::Nahshon
ancestor of::Elisheba

Three sons were born to Hezron by his first marriage. His second marriage took place when he was sixty years old (1_Chronicles 2:21 ).

Entry into Egypt

Hezron and Hamul are named among the progeny of Judah who entered Egypt in 1706 BC. They were probably twins.[1]

Bible record

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