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Henry Morris III

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Dr. Henry Morris III is the current Chief Executive Officer of the "Institute for Creation Research". He is the oldest son of ICR's founder - Henry Morris senior. ICR has been passed down the family line. Dr. Henry Morris III has earned four degrees One being a doctorate in ministry from Luther Rice. Dr. Henry has a lot of experience under his belt such as A former college professor, administrator, business executive, and senior pastor, On top Of that he is invited from all over to speak in front of many people differing from church congregations to national conferences. [1]

"Today, the most easily observable attribute of God is His omniscience. The unlimited power of God (His omnipotence) is displayed in the apparently infinite universe containing the immeasurable energy resources in the uncounted galaxies of space. Certainly they speak of God’s eternal power. But in the last few decades, humanity has become more aware of the infinitely complex nature of this universe. From the vast majesty of the stellar host to the minute beauty of microscopic living organisms, the incredible design and order of the world is becoming more and more evident." -- Henry M. Morris[2]

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Address::1806 Royal Lane
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Country::United States
Phone: Phone::800.337.0375

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Henry Morrises bible study webpage


  • book of Beginnings (book)
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis
  • 5 Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation
  • A Firm Foundation: Devotional Insights to Help You Know, Believe, and Defend Truth
  • Exploring the Evidence for Creation
  • Six Days of Creation
  • Your Origins Matter
  • Guide to Creation
  • creation Basics & Beyond


  • Creation: A Bible Basic DVD
  • Geology and the Great Flood DVD



Kevin(radio host) talks with Dr. Morris' son, Dr. Henry Morris III, about his father's legacy, the success of the Institute for Creation Research, and other issues relating to creationism. They also discuss current creation research projects, the future and challenges of creationism in the church, and more.


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