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Uploading a file

  1. Click "Upload file" in the left left margin menu.
  2. Next to the Source filename, click "Browse" to locate the file on your computer hard drive.
  3. Change the Destination filename to something descriptive, if necessary.
  4. Fill in the Summary (strongly advised).
  5. Identify the Copyright Status (required).
  6. Identify the Source (required).
  7. Click the Upload file button.

After you've uploaded some files, use them in your articles.

Form Fields

The CreationWiki file upload form has several data input fields. Some fields require the provision of specific information or the file will be deleted from the archive.

Destination Filename

Files should be uploaded with a descriptive filename (2-3 words). This filename serves as the name of the image when displayed in the category gallery. The original filename can be changed to a descriptive filename during upload by specifying a preferred name in the Destination Filename form field.


Example upload form field data.

Files should be uploaded with descriptive information. For most images, this info should be obtained from the source file, image caption, etc. Editors are also encouraged to categorize uploaded images. While categories may be assigned by editing the image description files subsequently, it may also be placed easily into the Summary form field during upload.

Copyright Status

All files uploaded to the CreationWiki must be free of copyright restrictions. When uploading a file, users are required to specify the copyright status of the file. Acceptable files include Creative Commons Licensed, those that qualify for fair use, or those that are in the public domain. The latter include files for which the copyright has expired or the file is uncopyrightable as with U.S. national government agency publications. For assistance in locating usable images, browse through our list of sites.

  • Public domain files: the Copyright Status is typically a qualifying statement that supports the image being in the public domain. For example: "This image is public domain because it was first published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration", or "I, the author of the work, hereby release this image into the public domain".
  • Creative Commons Licensed files: provide a link to the actual license that was specified by the licensee.
  • Fair use files: provide a qualifying statement that justifies the claim of fair use. For example: "Fair Use: publicity photo by the Northwest Creation Network".
  • For images where permission has been granted by the copyright holder (i.e. publishing site), an internet address should be provided where verification of permission can be found. Please note that permission for "education use" typically implies classroom use. Copyrighted material can only be used if internet publication is explicitly stated.

Note: A valid copyright status must be provided or the file will be deleted.


For most files, the source is the URL (internet address) to the page where the file was obtained. The address provided should be to the page where the image and its description can be found. Please do not link directly to the graphic file, so the identify of the image can be verified.

For works that were obtained from or uploaded by the author, the authors name should be identified. In cases where the author is a CreationWiki user, the username should be provided as an internal link (i.e. [[user:smith]])

Note: A valid source must be provided or the file will be deleted.

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