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Help:Semantic timeline format

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The semantic timeline format is a method of producing a timeline from a series of articles having annotated dates. The result is an interactive display that the reader can move to the left or to the right in order to see all the events displayed on it.

The eventline format produces a timeline for articles having more than two dates, and uses colors to distinguish the events.

Note: At present this format is assured to work only with Type:Date. The scripts will require modification to handle the Type:Historical date data type.


  • timelinestart - the start date of the timeline. The default is the oldest date among the query results.
  • timelineend - the end date of the timeline. The default is the newest or most recent date among the query results.
  • timelinesize - the vertical size of the timeline, in pixels. Default is 300 pixels.
  • timelinebands - the time intervals used for the banding of the timeline. You specify these as any combination of the words DAY, MONTH, and YEAR in all capital letters, separated by commas or spaces, and enclosed in double quotes. The default is a timeline having MONTH and YEAR bands.
  • timelineposition - the position of the timeline when the article first loads. This can be the start or the end of the timeline, or somewhere in the middle, or even the date of today. Default is middle.

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