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Self registration has been disabled to reduce vandalism. To obtain a CreationWiki username and password, request an account from the administration. After an account has been created, the user may log in to activate editorial status.


CreationWiki editors are required to follow standards and practices that are outlined in our Terms of Service. Please familiarize yourself with these rules of participation. A more detailed summary of our policies can be on our policy page.

Site Navigation

There are many methods to find your way around the CreationWiki:

Getting Started

Ready to jump in and contribute to the CreationWiki effort?

Basic Editing

Basic formatting tips are helpful for when you are ready to move beyond text-only editing. Regular editors are asked to observe the CreationWiki Style Guide to help standardize page appearance.

Advanced Formatting

  • Bible References - provides help about including Biblical references and quotes.
  • Templates - browse custom Creation Wiki templates that provide quick and easy methods for formatting pages.
    • Creating templates - help on creating and customizing templates for use on the Creation Wiki.
  • Videos Embed video from a shared-video site (e.g. YouTube, Google videos, GodTube).
  • Citing sources
  • Footnotes - create footnotes or use the footnote method for citing sources.
  • Math - provides help in formatting mathematical expressions.
  • Database semantics - query the database to produce annotated results.


  • Uploading files - learn how images and other files are uploaded to the CreationWiki.
Please Note: Strict policy exists for uploaded files. All files must be free of copyright restrictions. Browse a list of sites to find public domain or Creative Commons Licensed media. Formatting help can be found at: Image help.

Getting Involved

  • The Community Portal is the hub for finding helpful information, policy and guidelines, and places where you can help.
  • Discussion help - learn how to interact with other CreationWiki users and peer-review articles.
  • Help wanted - browse a list of projects that need significant assistance.


Additional Technical Help


The CreationWiki is a valuable resource that is growing to become one of the most important research tools available to the creationist community. If you value this resource, please consider making a donation to help support its development. Donations are accepted through the secure Northwest Creation Network webstore, which accepts most major credit cards and Paypal.