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Harold W. Clark

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Harold Willard Clark

Harold Willard Clark (Born::1891-Died::1986) was a Berkeley-trained biologist and a former student of George McCready Price who later replaced him on the faculty of Pacific Union College in 1922. Clark ultimately taught biology at Seventh-Day Adventist colleges for thirty-five years. Clark was a young earth creationist, who published his first book in 1929 (Back to Creationism) in which he urged readers to quit simply opposing evolution and to adopt the new "science of creationism". The term "creationism" subsequently became popularly used by scientific creationists to describe their distinctive interpretation of earth history.

The world has had enough of evolution … In the future, evolution will be remembered only as the crowning deception which the arch-enemy of human souls foisted upon the race in his attempt to lead man away from the Savior. The Science of the future will be creationism. As the ages roll by, the mysteries of creation week will be cleared up, and as we have learned to read the secrets of creative power in the lives of animals and plants about us, we shall understand much that our dim senses cannot now fathom. If we hope to continue scientific study in the laboratories and fields of the earth restored, we must begin to get the lessons of truth now. The time is ripe for a rebellion against the dominion of evolution, and for a return to the fundamentals of true science, Back To Creationism. - Harold W. Clark (1929) Back To Creationism, p. 139

Clark later published The New Diluvialism in 1946, and Fossil, Flood and Fire in 1968, plus about a dozen other books.



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