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Giant stonefly

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Giant stonefly
Giant Stonefly.jpg
Scientific Classification
  • P. biloba (Knobbed Salmonfly)
  • P. californica (Giant Salmonfly)
  • P. comstocki
  • P. dorsata (American Salmonfly)
  • P. pictetii
  • P. princeps (Ebony Salmonfly)
  • P. proteus (Salmonfly)
  • P. scotti
Image Description

The Giant Stonefly is an interestng creature in the way of its design. The stonefly also known as the salmonfly live to get eaten by salmon. The giant stonefly in its nymph stage eats only alge and then grows to its adult stage and eats nothing except to get eatten by the salmon hence salmonfly but it is vital in the earth for it keeps our salmon fed and our walter alge free they are an amazing creation yet hardly known. Tough God has made for us to look at in amazement of him.



Stoneflies are a very unique insect they are typically black, brown or gray. Yet that’s not what makes them so uniquely made by God its there wings they are filled with veins and the wings are see through and overlap each other at rest. In flight there wings can span from 1 ½ inches to 3 ¼ inches long which extends over there length which is a little over 2 inches. They also have antennae that are long and very thin on there sides of there head.They are nocturnal and at there nymph stage they typically feed on algae and as they grow toward there adult stage they eat nothing at all.[1]


The stonefly mate in swams of complex ways of drumming the way of the flyping of the wings



Stoneflies typically found by and around shorelines of streams and rivers including rocky areas; for it camouflages itself just as God had designed them to. Sometimes the stoneflies travel into neighboring yards because they are attracted to the lights at night. The stonefly is important toward the life cycle of the river and stream life giving food toward the fish and birds. Stoneflies typically are in the warmer climates hence its nickname California stonefly and if there you happen to see absence of the giant stonefly in the waters surrounding it may be contaminated. Other than that the stonefly is a great bait for fly fishing.[2]



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