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General grand unification model

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The GGU-model describes a cosmogony and is the first scientific General Theory of Everything. Since it uses a physical language, it is physical in character and can be considered as depicting a complex environment in which universes are embedded. It satisfies all the requirements for a physical-science theory. It is predictive, testable and falsifiable. The model uses mathematical operators (functions) not only to represent (i.e. mimic) all of the known physical processes within our universe, including quantum physical, but certain operators also represent processes that generate universes.

Operators are applied to mathematical objects called event sequences. Event sequences model, in compressed form, the step-by-step development of a universe and each natural-system (physical-system) contained therein. The model unifies the production of and alterations in the behavior of each natural-system within a universe. This unification is accomplished by application of the mathematically defined consequence operator as well as application of the finite choice, finite order choice and finite combination operators. The names of these last three listed operators indicate the intuitive notions abstracted. The basic model predicts that all of these physical results are accomplished by use of subparticles that exist within a substratum or background universe.

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