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Extraterrestrial creationism

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Raëlians in Japan

Extraterrestrial creationism is the belief that life on Earth was created by a race of extraterrestrials who came to be worshipped by men as gods due to their immortality and extraordinary powers.

The extraterrestrials are known either as the Hebrew "Elohim" (interpreting Elohim as plural "gods" instead of the "royal we") or the Babylonian Annunaki (Those who from heaven to Earth came). Genesis is believed to be a generally historically accurate account of the creation of the Earth, life, and mankind by these extraterrestrials. The phrase "Let us create man in our own image and after our likeness" is taken literally, rather than allegorically. The common ancient belief that the gods lived in "heaven" is used as a basis to believe that the gods descended from heaven in space-ships. The nephilim and giants mentioned in Genesis as the children of the "sons of God and daughters of men" are described as a hybrid race of these extraterrestrials and men.


  • C.S. Lewis describes angels and God as divine extraterrestrials in his Space Trilogy.
  • Raelism is a religion founded in France by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël in the 1960's grounded in extraterrestrial creationism, and basing their beliefs loosely on Genesis, but stripping their belief of all explicitly Hebrew or Christian belief;

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