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Esther Su

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Dr. Esther Fai-Wan Su

Dr. Esther Fai-Wan Su received her B.A. in Chemistry from Hope College, Michigan, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

While a college stu­dent, Dr Su struggled over the creation vs. evolution issue. "I there­fore set up for myself basic ques­tions to answer in order to prove scientifi­cally whether or not the Earth and uni­verse were created, and then to determine if the Bible was true. I discovered that science was very limited because scientists can only study the present. Science requires observa­tion, but you can’t observe the past. So, the question of whether or not the universe was created is a historical ques­tion, not a scientific one. The question should be whether or not the evidence we observe today supports creation or evolution."[1]

To resolve the issue of whether the Bible or evolution was true, Dr Su conducted an intensive study of paleontology. She felt that: "If evolution is true, then there must be all kinds of in-between forms of creatures." She discovered that the fossil record, as well as observations of living things, supports the Creation account. Then she looked at biochemistry, her field of expertise, and saw tremen­dous complexity in living that provided evidence of intelligent design. "The design of life is something that cannot be explained without a Creator. Even a so-called “simple” cell is so very complicated."[2]

Now Ester Su serves the Lord in creation education ministry and has been invited all over the world to conduct seminars and workshops, especially in the areas of "Bible and Science", and "Creation/Evolution", et. al.